The Grafton Barber films we have worked on and good friends that we have met on the way.
Mario Rosenstock   Michael D. Higgins   Jedward    
Cliff Richard   James corden of the programme "Gavin and Stacey" with Hugh McAllister   Ronnie Corbett   Conor McAllister with Boxing's World Champion - Bernard Dunne
Denis Hopper   Colin Farrell   Jimmy Nesbit   Johnny Depp
Tom Hanks   Gabriel Byrne   Michael Caine   Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp
Stephen Dorff   The General   Colm Meaney   Mel Gibson
Bachelors Walk   Sean McGinley   Charles Dance   Jim Rock
Brad Pitt   Dervla Kirwan   Dervla Kirwan   Daragh O'Malley
James D'Arcy   Heath Ledger and Laurence Kinlan   Michael Gambon   Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Michael Flatley   Dylan Moran   Joan Allen   Vernon Wells
Celtic Tenors   Neil Diamond   Andy Reid   Moll Flanders
Gay Byrne   Eamon Andrews   Liam Neeson   Hugh McAllister Snr.
Team Ireland   Conor Mcallister with Glenn Furlong at another Hair Stylist Competition   Hugh in Dublin with pop band REEL   Time Magazine write-up for film: Reigh of Fire, film location: Co Wicklow
Hair Styles for band FAB (Four Non Blonds) video shoot   Hugh McAllister Snr. (The Early Days)